May 29 @ 12:01AM
I'm bored and it's summer, so there's a new header and a few changes to the collective. I'm going to be updating my joined links soon, too, as well as joining some more Oz-related FLS. Chris Meloni is the biz-bomb. Yes, I said it. AND IT'S TRUE!

November 26 @ 4:13PM
All of my fanlistings have been updated, so if you applied and haven't been added, try again because I didn't get your application for some reason the first time. ;)

May 07 @ 10:08PM
I've been extremely busy lately, but now that the AP exams and SATs are over, I have time for my website! Yaaay! So I finally completed the Izzie + Meredith and Grey's Anatomy E102 Fanlistings! Sweet.

April 09 @ 11:04PM
I've updated with some new fanlistings. Welcome the openings of the Rob Gordon [John Cusack in High Fidelity] and Dr. Derek Shepherd [Patrick Dempsey in Grey's Anatomy] FL's. Ahhh Grey's Anatomy. Hot.

March 06 @ 6:59PM
Yay! Collective is finished and open! I just finished the Shit Luck and Better Off Dead FL's yesterday, so if you haven't yet, go visit them!


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