A New Nightmare

Wes Craven's A New Nightmare is a later edition to the Nightmare On Elm Street collection. It stars Heather Langencamp playing herself, the former star of NOEM. Now Freddy's coming out of film to get her and her son played by Miko Hughes.

Better Off Dead

Better Off Dead is an 80's film starring John Cusack. It is about a boy named Lane Myer with an insane family, a need to get back his girlfriend by skiing the K12, a cracked out newspaper boy and a cute foreign exchanged student living across the street.

Imaginary Heroes

The Travis family fašade is destroyed by an event incomprehensible to them -- an event which will open locked doors and finally reveal the secrets that have haunted them for decades.

Zero Day

Zero Day is an independent film made by Ben Coccio. It centers around two boys named Andre and Cal who plan and carry out an attack on their highschool.