"Having lost hand control from his bashing, Justin's quits art school (he's lost the fine motor skills needed to hold a brush.) Michael decides to quit the Big Q and risks all to buy a comic book store. Ted ditches his new accounting job to start his own porno website."(showtime)

"Still afflicted with tremors in his right hand as a result of his assault, Justin struggles in his art classes and soon drops out of college. Despite Brian's attempt to rekindle Justin's interest in drawing, a depressed, angry Justin turns to alcohol and sex to soothe his pain. Finally, Lindsay takes Justin to an art gallery where the paintings on exhibition have been created by a wheelchair-bound woman with limited use of her hands. Meanwhile, Emmett, Michael and Brian intervene to help Ted, whose addiction to pornography has left him housebound for days. Brian arranges a job interview at his advertising agency for Ted. The company hires Ted, but he quits almost immediately to start his own porno Web site. Michael also quits his job and sells a rare first-edition comic book to raise money to buy his own business—a comic book store." (tv tome)

Emmett: Do I look like a human tit-clamp?

Emmett: I spent the night at Ted's. Guys, he is in deep shit trouble. We need to have an intervention.
Debbie: Booze?
Brian: Crystal?
Emmett: Whipping the willie.
Brian: Schmuck--couldn't even get a decent addiction.

Debbie: After all, you're cute! You're young. You're hung!

Justin: What are you doing?
Brian: Just doodling.

Ted: Thanks to, dare I say it, my good friend Brian.
Brian: Don't say it.

Brian: Why aren't you home packing your lunch box for school tomorrow?
Justin: I don't need to. I'm not going.
Emmett: Let me guess, you heard they're going to make you draw vaginas.
Justin: I quit!
Emmett: What?
Ted: What for?!
Justin: Well I can't draw anymore. What's the point in wasting my time when I can be here popping pills and drinking beer, sticking my gimp hand down guys' pants.

Michael: I'm auctioning something on eBay.
Brian: Your mother? Don't start the bidding too high!

205 Pictures
Screencaps coming soon!

205 Guest Stars
Noelle Campbell-Smith as Drag King
Deb Pearce as Drag King
Clare Smyth as Drag King
Karen Glave as Art Teacher
Lucas Bryant as Student
Gary Krawford as Dean Ryerson
Michael B. King as Harv
Anthony Mancini as Stan
Domenic Cuzzocrea as Buzzy
Adrian Mackinnon as Steroid Wonder
Anthony Pereira as Balloon Boy
Derek Ritschel as Sam
Richard Clarkin as Shepherd Frankel
Jack Newman as Oliver Fleishacker
Donna Goodhand as Adrienne Bennett
Andrew Pifko as Quentin
Carman Melville as Customer
Johnathan Jeyarajah as Babylon Performance Artist